are the ice cubes
sitting in the dark behind this
closed freezer door;

Last night we transformed from
water to ice cubes
The beauty sitting on my left
is Jenny
The princess sitting on my right
is Julie
Julie’s eyes are filled with tears
when I spoke to Julie;

Julie didn’t speak much
Jenny is a cute chatterbox

I am a monk
I am a music artist
I travel between the
silence and noise;

One day,
when we were in deep sleep,
Julie was taken away from
the ice tray by our
nineteen-year-old owner’s son
for his drink;

My water heart shed tears for
the loss of Julie
I realized her pure love for me.
Jenny leaned on my shoulders
with fear.

In the darkest night,
Someone unplugged the
Jenny and I melted,
mingled into
an eternal soul.

© Rajesh Vairapandian 2019

Poet, Writer, Amazon Best Selling Author, Life Coach(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUKBx7MnTXBhOE6xjSOFf0Q/?sub_confirmation=1) & a Magical Soul :)

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