Five After Hours Ideas That Can Transform Your Wealth to the Next Level

How you end your day determines your future

2009 was the toughest year of my life. The recession was at its peak, and whatever I did, I failed. That was the year that gave me more time to read, more time to speak to myself. I wanted to change my life, and I wanted to earn money. However, I lost my job, my mental peace, and, more importantly, I lost my real me to the recession.

I still remember the day when I decided to change all those. It was a day in Mid-July. I went to Santhom Beach in Chennai and started watching the ocean in that scorching July sun. Few kids were playing with their kite. I was watching the kite for a few hours and walked back to my home. The beach wasn’t near my house, but that day I wanted to walk, I walked for more than an hour and reached my home and immediately open my laptop and wrote the below.

  1. What do I want to become in the next five years?
  2. What should I do to achieve my five years goal?
  3. What are the five habits(It all came as five, I don’t know why) I want to develop to achieve my five years goal?

After I jot down these three questions, I knew I was going to succeed in life.

Now, here I am, after 12 years of that “life-changing decision” making day.

I would like to share the five evening routines that have brought me five sources of Income.

1.Exploring Hour

It has been over ten years now, but I hardly miss this habit. It is the one habit that has lead me to many learnings, openings, opportunities, friends in life. Every evening I spend one hour exploring “new” things. It should be a new one. It could be learning a new skill, or reading a new book, or deep-diving into a new subject. But, have a timer, just 60 minutes of your day.

While exploring it, have a pen and a notepad to take points(yeah old school way), then FORGET about it. Yes, no need to read through the points immediately. However, every weekend, go through the points and choose the best ones and make a list. Now, go through the list one by one carefully. It will lead you to the right opportunity. Things will appear to you, and you will become a master of them. Eventually, that will become one source of Income.

Take Away: Spend one hour focused on a new thing.

2.Money Manifestation

I have manifested a cheque recently, which was eight times higher than the amount I have asked for. After receiving that, I did a self-analysis of how this has happened. The result of the self-analysis has taught me one thing very clear. Manifestation happens only if you follow a few rules diligently. It happens only if your alignment with the Universe should be on a constant basis, and if you never allow others into your desire. Manifestation happens if you master your thought.

We all know “Thoughts Become Things” but have we ever analyzed it in detail? Have we ever stick to one thought for a continuous time? Thoughts will definitely become things if the thought has been your primary thought for the whole day and night. It will become things if you add the feeling to it. Your subconscious mind will believe primary thoughts, and the magic will begin.

After I learned more about the Universe and Mind-related concepts, it has lead me to another source of Income. The habit you want to embrace here is, spend some valuable time on your “headspace” every evening. Do meditation, have some personal space for you, and use it wisely.

Take Away: Thoughts become things. What you think you become!

3. Consistent Self Education

We are small droplets in the Universe. You cannot find a person who knows everything. There is always room for learning, and there is still a lot of things to be learned in the space where you are excelled. Never allow your mind to become a filled cup. Always have space in your mind. Always have an open mind for learning.

Successful people never boast that they know everything in their field. They may be an expert in their field, but they knew there are people ahead of them in knowledge. Also, they have a hunger to learn all the time. To learn something new, you should be a half-empty cup all the time.

Self-education is the key to your additional source of Income. In my experience, consistent self-education is the key to success. Keep learning every single day/evening.

Take Away: Learn every day; learning is a daily process.

4. Appreciate Others

When was the last time have you appreciated another person? Was it yesterday? Or last week or last month? We live in a fast pace world, and we have no time to appreciate others. I know a person who is famous for his appreciating manners. Every day he goes for an evening walk while walking, he smiles at everyone he comes across and wishes them good. I asked him why he does that? He said, “We have only one life, and we should make others happy all the time, by doing so, our soul will be happy, that’s the way we should live.”

It was hard to follow his words initially, but once I started to embrace this habit, it has changed me a lot. I feel much ease at heart, people are attracted to me, and my inner self is happy. Besides, I write the name of the person in my gratitude journal every evening, and I have over a thousand names now!

Take Away: Always appreciate others, even if it is a small thing.

5.Me Time:

Daily, how many minutes you spend time only with YOU. When I say “you,” it should be only you, not even your mobile or books. Never allow anyone else during your “me time.” It is the most precious and essential time in your life. Even your beloved ones are not permitted during this time. It is dedicated to you and you only. During this, “me time” speaks to yourself or just listens to yourself.

Do not ask too many questions to you and confuse your inner being :) You should feel light, you should feel calm, and your whole body should be in a positive vibration state. If you are like this, then consider it as your time. Instead, if you think of your manager or your next task for the day or your past experience or getting into anxiety, then it is not considered as “me time.” So, this precious time is for you and yourself.

I have learned this from one of my friends, who will never allow anyone during this time. Remember, your lovely pet is also not allowed to be in your lap during this time. I repeat this time is only for YOU. There is a fantastic quote from Rumi:

“ When I am silent, I fall into a place where everything is music,”

feel your music.

Take Away: Me Time brings you, more ideas, ideas bring you another source of Income.

Final Thoughts

I think you might have this question: “What about the five sources of Income?”

I firmly believe, if one can change the daily habits, they will be able to bring in more and more income streams and live life abundantly with gratitude.

A little self-talk helped me to change my consciousness, which has paved the way for my multiple sources of Income. I am sure you will be able to find more than five sources of Income if you embrace these habits.

I wish you all the very best.

© Rajesh Vairapandian 2021

Poet, Writer, Amazon Best Selling Author, Life Coach( & a Magical Soul :)

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