How daily habits are influential in achieving your dreams

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It was the lowest point of my life back in 2016. Life teaches you the best lesson when you feel you are lost. I quit my job in South Africa and traveled back to India. I had to find a new Job, better earning, and live life to its fullest. That is when I decided to change my daily habits.

Now, after 3 years of practicing the daily habits which I decided in 2016, my life has changed a lot in all aspects. I had one source of income…

Create a zen-like lifestyle and live your life to the fullest

“Zen is not some kind of excitement, but concentration on our usual everyday routine.” — Shunryu Suzuki

Every one of us wants to live a peaceful life. We need not be Zen monks to adopt their simple but productive lifestyle. One cannot explain what zen means, and even that unexplainable thing could be zen. A Zen monk does not lead a lazy life; they live every single moment; they live a complete life with lots of patience.

We could learn a lot from their simple living. Whatever task they do, their focus is 100% on that, and the dedication level…

Quote # 3 shows the difference between real vs fake happiness

Quote 1:

What you do on a daily basis defines your future. Think about which habit of yours has that “future changing” strength. If you don't have one, develop a good habit.

Quote 2:

Spending time with “things” will ruin your mental peace. Instead spend time with your brain. Develop ideas. Enhance vision. Be an idea generator, your brain will thank you with mental peace.

Quote 3:

What is real happiness? Seeing a flower and adores it. What is fake happiness? Plucking the flower and “possess” it. Any external thing you possess is always bringing you fake/temporary happiness.

Quote 4:

Having eyes and having a vision is entirely…

It might just help you live a more fulfilling life.

Long and happy life is one of the most enviable desires we humans fantasize about. At times, we are happy and living a halcyon life, with all the luxuries and haves conferred, yet the days of our lives is fewer. Conversely, some people live a long life but their life is riddled with hardships and pangs, coercing them to wish to shorten of their lives.

Then could we live happy and long life simultaneously? Well, This book named ‘’ Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life’’ is splendid in casting light on both subjects at a time…

Movies that teach key insights about life

Movie reel
Movie reel

Nowadays entertainment has taken over the whole world irrespective of age class. People of every class and profession indulge in watching different movies, stage-shows, and dramas to enjoy themselves and release their stresses. Movies are of different types based upon the content of the movies: these may be of action, comedy, or romantic category.

Apart from time pass and entertainment, we can also watch movies to learn important lessons and tenets of life that can really assist us to build a reasonable personality. …

Follow these ten practices and swift your bad day into a good one

Coffee cup
Coffee cup

Our life is a strange mix of joys and tribulations. At times, on the score of little tiffs and arguments with our friends, classmates, or family members, getting stuck in some traffic or having to wait in a long queue cause us to be out of the element. Having entered in a bad day, we feel crestfallen and tend to be grumpy.

Then what is the solution to such a bad day that barged in our life or came into our life unbidden?

If a bad day lets you down, try these ways to turn it around.

1. Listen to your favorite song and sing along

Studies have revealed…

Develop these powerful habits and enhance your life

One of the most cherished blessings of god is mental serenity indeed. The people who possess these blessings despite being poor love their love and enjoy. On the contrary, a plethora of people who are engulfed by troubles and pangs start worrying, thereby disturbing their brains.

When we start worrying over trivial things, joys, blessings, and comfort sneak out of our life. Keep worrying every hour can also sap us of our well-being and personality, therefore it is imperative to cope with the situation.

I have designed this article to inculcate some healthy and effective habits in my readers so…

Follow these 11 practices that can sharpen your mental focus

Our brain is one of the most significant and precious parts of our body, enabling us to carve situations, ideas and figure out solutions. Mind sharpness and intelligence make us stand out from the rest; therefore it is necessary to sharpen our brain or enhance our intelligence. Without any doubt, we spend a couple of hours maintaining our body but unfortunately, we do nothing for our brain. People whose thinking power has lessened should adopt some habits that will help them sharpen their memory.

In this article, I share some of the habits that will enhance our cognitive aptitude.

1- Learn new knowledge


5 meditation videos to help your inner self

Zen stones with two flowers
Zen stones with two flowers

“Happiness is a state of mind that has nothing to do with the external world.” — Lord Krishna

During my university days, I was a person who always likes to listen to sad songs and fill my heart with unknown sorrows. My friends used to tease me why is this guy still want to be in that tragic zone. For me, loneliness could be the reason behind it. But at some point in time, after reading many books, I learned that self-love is the base for a better living.

If you love yourself, the following things will happen to your…

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