Story of a 135k views viral story and four key learnings for new writers

A man writing
A man writing

You never know when life will smile at you. You never know how your article will become viral and wipe off your painful waiting time. When you refresh the stats page once you wake up, you never know when you will scream by seeing an unimaginable spike in your numbers. Everything is possible in Medium. It is not about bragging.

This sharing is to inspire my fellow writers who want to earn good money in Medium.

I started my journey in Medium back in August 2019. It has been an excellent journey for me in Medium, and more than 70%…

An inspiring true story of a matriarch

An elephant with her calf
An elephant with her calf

My mother was born on the day India got independence in a remote village in Southern India. Her name is “Suthanthira Udayam”, which means “Rise of Independence”. She was born into a wealthy family. She was married at the age of sixteen and given birth to six children. Her life was good until the tragedy strikes our family back in 1986. My father died suddenly leaving her with six kids aged between six to twenty. We are from a south Indian family and remarriage back then is a never imaginable one. My mom was 39 years old, widowed, all the…

Five bedtime habits to adapt and practice in 60 minutes — for a successful and cheerful life.

Dreams wording written on the sky background
Dreams wording written on the sky background

We live in an ultra-busy world with lots of distractions. Unnecessary mobile notifications are one of the worst distractions of our time. It kills our me-time, our creativity, and our productivity. However, we want to overcome all distractions and succeed in our life. To succeed in life, we need to adopt some good habits. Habits are like a basement for a building.

Good habits help you to achieve your goals.

In this article, I will share five habits. I have adopted these five habits a few years back from numerous successful people and got amazing results in all aspects of…

Listen to this playlist during your me-time and live a blissful life

A woman listening to music on her headphones
A woman listening to music on her headphones

During my university days, I was a person who always likes to listen to sad songs and fill my heart with unknown sorrows. My friends used to tease me why is this guy still wants to be in that tragic zone. For me, loneliness could be the reason behind it. But at some point in time, after reading many books, I learned that self-love is the basis for a better living.

If you love yourself, the following things will happen to your life:

  • You will become free, from the external world, from the opinions of others
  • You will realize the…

How these six practices helped me to stop the overthinking

A image of a man thinking
A image of a man thinking

A 2013 study says if you keep overthinking you will have a mental illness. It is important to keep the mind healthy. It is important to leave the repetitive harmful thinking. I was an overthinker, I have no shame in telling this. During my college days, I overthink everything. Here are a few “gems”!

  1. If there is a misunderstanding between me and my friend we both don’t speak for some days, my “overthinker” [I named it as devil] inside me wakes up immediately. Then, it is between me and my devil all the time.
  2. My devil speaks to me in…

Avoiding these ten mistakes will make you great — in all aspects of life

Results and Excuses wordings marked on a black board, excuses is strike out
Results and Excuses wordings marked on a black board, excuses is strike out

It was a rainy morning back in the early 2010s, and I could not sleep as I was broke. As the rain gets heavier, so does the pain in my heart. I wanted to win. I want to taste the sweetness of success. That early morning I sat on the couch and jotted down a few things.

I was observing myself and wanted to get rid of the habits which are blocking my success. Then, I diligently followed the list for the next three years. …

How to train yourself to be more patient — Learn to master patience

a person playing a rubik square game
a person playing a rubik square game

Having patience is one of the keys to achieve success and peacefulness in our Life. All the successful people throughout the centuries were powerfully known for their patience. They all know how to master patience. They all know when to have patience and when to act on their goals/desires.

In our day-to-day life, we endure many instances where we needed to be patient. However, we react immediately and sometimes it will worsen the situation. we should respond instead of reacting, but sometimes we react without thinking a second, and that will have an impact on us badly. …

and improve your inner self. Four key gratitude practices and their benefits

A dog holding a thank you card, gratitude benefits
A dog holding a thank you card, gratitude benefits

Gratitude plays an important role in improving mental health. Today, we are going to know more about gratitude. Writing gratitude practices enhances your life in many ways. It improves your sleep. It increases your mental strength. It helps you to overcome trauma.

This is not just a daily challenge, start doing this practice on a daily basis from today, you will see a massive positive shift in your life. All your mental issues will go away, you will be energized and live a beautiful life. …

Infinite happiness series- Day 2: Daily mental health practices for 15 days

Laughing Statues
Laughing Statues

A little bit of laughter,
A little bit of tears,
A little bit of happiness,
A little bit of fear.

They say laughter is the best medicine
And that it’s ok to shed a tear.
Happiness is a great feeling,
And fear makes you stronger.

Enjoy the laughter,
Release the tears,
Embrace the happiness,
Forget the fears.

Enjoy every moment you get,
And always remember…LAUGH!

Katie Lou

According to the Mayo clinic, Having good laugher induces immediate physical changes, all of which result in heightened feelings of well-being.

In addition, Mental health should be treated with high priority…

Rajesh Vairapandian

Poet, Writer, Amazon Best Selling Author, Life Coach( & a Magical Soul :)

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